Inve$tment option #1 The stock market

As of 2017, the stock market is at an all time high which shows how much the economy has grown. I personally love playing the stock market but this completely prefernce and honestly, it's not for everyone. The way I explain the stock to anyone is: A company is a cake and the slices of the cake are shares of stock. Economists like to give 'evaluations' of companies which ultimalty is what the cake is worth and investers use this info to make bids on the slices of cake. ex: If you had a cake worth $10 and you have 5 slices, then each slice is worth $2. Companies decide how many shares they want their company to have and then they keep about 50% to maintain ownership of the company while the other 50% get traded. The higher people bid, the higher the prices of the shares or 'slices' go. The more shares you have the more risk you incur but also the more profit you can make. My best advise is to:

1.Buy Low Sell High
2.Do your research
3.Invest in what you believe in
4.Don't let your feelings interfere when investing
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Inve$tment option #2 Crypto currencies

So you like the idea of bitcoin but you don't get it. Trust me its a hard concept to grasp. Ok, not really, but the way it works is complex so I'll leave you to it figure out if you want. In short, Cryptocurrencies are completly digital forms of money that tend to be decentralized which basically means no one entity or person controls it like a bank or governemnt. When you put money into an ATM it esstentially becomes digital for you to spend on a credit or debit card except with the promise of you getting the physical paper if you want. Cryptocurrencies are essntially that except there is no bank or middleman involved,its completly digital, and you keep your crypto in a crypto wallet online or on a physical one that resembles a thumbdrive. This is an over simplification but be aware, it will eventually be the future of money. Bitcoin is the main 'cryptocurrency' but the alternative coins such as litecoin are also very powerful. I recomend looking into IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum if you are interested.If you have any questions I will gladly answer them just conatct me under the resources tab.

Inve$tment option #3 Realestate

Now if youre looking for the most serious of investments then realestate is your game. Now unlike the methods mentioned above, Realestate is musk less risky whith a much a much higher reward potential but it obviously doesnt come cheap. If you buy a piece of land for $40k and it appreciates even 15% you almost make $10k. Realestate isn't a manufacturable commodity and although it isn't a passive income method, it is a great place to make money on money you may not have been using otherwise.