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These are links to help you get started investing. I recomend trying many alternatives and finding what works best for you through both trial and error as well as your own research. Investing can range from just passive income to a full on career but in either scenario you make money.(The thumbnails are links if you were wondering)



If youve ever even looked into trading stocks, you know that brokerages love to charge commision fees and that discourages alot of people. If you arent making a profit greater than the commision fees then whats the point? This is where robinhood shines. To keep things short and sweet, They are a mobile application brokerage (yes you can trade on your phone) dont charge commision fees because they keep the intrest on any money you dont have invested. Boom, everyone wins. Although you really can only trade on the New York Stock exchange (NYSE) but that includes the most popular stocks such as Appl and FB so its a great place to start. If youre interested in penny stocks (any stock valued at $.05 or less) than check out fidelity below. Also if you sign up through the link above you get a free share of stock to start out!

Seeking Alpha:

When it comes to researching and learning about stocks, this app has become my bestfriend. This a very simple to use application that lets you input stocks in a watch list and they will automatically provide nesw articles that relate to or involve and of the stocks on your watchlist. Now they also allow you to write article yourself for a profit so it can also be a side job if you find it interesting but before you even invest I recomend using this application.


If you are a first time investor and your afraid of losing money or unsure of what you're doing then I suggest looking into this mobile application. This is currently an iOS application that lets you build a portfolio either using your own stocks by signing in with your brokerage or through 'fake' money that you can invest to test out strategies or even just to get an understanding of the stock market. It gives you a wide variety of tools that you can utilize when evealutating an investemnt in the stock market and it even gives you premade investment ideas classified such as blue chip stocks or penny stocks.


Now if youre inestested in the full stock trading expirience, then I recomend Fidelity. Getting an account with a brokerage isn't like making a FB profile since it requires your SSN but if your serious about investing then it becomes worth it. Fidelity offers many benefeits almost acting as a bank but they also let you trade penny stocks, ETFs,mutual funds, and they even offer after hours trading. You can even trade on their mobile application with ease!



When it comes to cryptocurrencies, finding the right exchange can make all the differnce in the world. Of the ones I have tried, Binance is the best for using bitcoin to buy alt coins. Is quite reliable and secure but dont just take my word for it and go try it. Now if youre trying to buy into cryptocurrencies but you only have fiat money such as USD, the next two links are for you.


So if you're even remotely familiar with cryptocurrencies, you probably know that theres a such thing called mining. Mining is essentially using PC power to check and keep track of all transactions of that particular currency. In excah


Now if you're just getting started with investing in crypto then this is what I would call the beginning step to trade USD for the most major crypto's (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin). There are hundreds of alt coins but they are usually only exchangable for bitcoin or Ethereum. To start off turning cash into bitcoin, this is a great place to start given thet have a mobile application but they arent my favorite. If you want to get your feet wet with Crypto theyre a great place to start but I would also look in to gemini (below)if you want a more serious fiat to crypto exchange.


Bitconnect is an interesting platform that lets you invest your bitcoin into bitconnect coin that gains intrest that can then be reinvested automatically. I leave this this strcitly up to you to decide how to use since they have many accusations of being sketchy but so far they have been solid and they make it easy to make money off crypto.


As mentioned above, Gemini is a more professional platform that allows user to convert fiat money such as the USD to crypto currencies such as bitcoin. They have a ver easy to use platform that supports the major crypto's but their biggest draw back is that they are a webiste only platform but that shouldnt stop you from considering them. I love the platform and its also a fairly easy place to start.


Now unlike the stock market, Crypto currencies are very new and they lack good software that provides news regarding any specific coin. This application gives you the market exchange rates of all the alt coins in real time so if you want to keep an eye out on any digital currency this iOS application does a great job at that. If you want to learn more about cryptos as a whole I recomend reddit and youtube but realistically you will have to do some research on your own.

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